Pre-Order Policy

Expected release dates for preorder items are only an estimated time of arrival, and are not an exact date of arrival. Arrival dates are affected by many factors, and are difficult to predict with any form of precision.

By entering into a pre-order, you agree and understand that the product may take some time to arrive, and that pre-orders CANNOT be cancelled nor refunded, as order quantities are placed based on the number of pre-orders placed.

By entering in to an order for a preorder item, you understand that such items may take time to arrive, and in many cases, is difficult to predict the exact arrival date. Understand, that is just as interested in getting the product as soon as possible as you are, and will do its best to expedite the process and to follow up on order status to ensure it arrives within a reasonable time frame.

Pre-orders will only be placed on your behalf once your payment for the product has been paid in full.

Pre-orders are placed with the understanding that your order quantity contributes to a larger order purchase, and ordered quantities placed by to its suppliers and manufacturers are based on your contribution to this order. As such, NO REFUNDS will be provided for pre-orders, as a refund would add unexpected inventory and capital cost to due to your indecisiveness. By entering into pre-orders, you understand and agree that pre-orders may take a while, and you confirm that you are entering in to the order with the firm decision that you are making an educated purchase for a product that you definitely wish to order.