International Orders

International Orders

Vapes by Enushi ships to anywhere in the world, as long as you are willing to pay the shipping costs and assume your duties and responsibilities as the importer.

You are fully responsible for the legalities and regulations of any imports that you make into your country, and Vapes by Enushi cannot be held liable in the event of any seizures, taxes, duties, or brokerage fees at your border.

Shipping costs are dependent on your order size, order weight, volumetric weight, exact address, shipping carrier, and shipping service that you choose. Just add your items to cart and go through the checkout process to get shipping quotes from our website.

As a Canadian-based company, Vapes by Enushi processes all payment transactions in our base currency of CAD (Canadian Dollars). The amount that gets charged to credit cards of other currencies is dependent on the foreign exchange rates and foreign currency surcharges that your financial institution charges to you, and is beyond the control of Vapes by Enushi. Please refer to your credit card holder's agreement regarding foreign currency transactions.

Our website integrates foreign currency conversion tool that automatically turns on when it detects viewers in other countries. This currency converter shows you our pricing in your native currency as a shopping reference only, and despite the foreign currency numbers that you may see, your order transaction will still be charged in our base Canadian Dollar currency. You may turn the currency converter on or off at any time at the top right of the website (when viewing on a desktop), where it says "Currency Displayed In:".  Or on mobile, click the 3-line menu button at the top left, and at the bottom of the menu, is the currency display function. does its best to protect the financial security of card holders, and as such, in the case of some international orders, we may request additional security transaction processes to verify ownership of the credit card used. Failure to comply with these additional verification requests will result in the cancellation of your order. The vaping industry faces some of the highest rates of online credit card fraud, and as such, Vapes by Enushi adheres to some of the strictest guidelines and procedures to ensure all online credit card orders are verified to be authentic.

You, the customer, as the importer of orders that you place from are solely responsible for the legalities and regulations of your region's customs. Vapes by Enushi Corp. cannot be held liable in the event of denial, seizure, or destruction of your order by customs. In the event of such denials and destruction, we will honor a refund on the product if your customs office allows the product to be sent back to us. However, we cannot refund any shipping costs incurred, as these are services rendered. In most cases, the carrier will charge Vapes by Enushi for the return shipment as well, in which case, the refund that we can send back to you will only be for the original transaction, minus the original shipping cost to you, minus the return shipping costs back to us.

As the importer, you are completely responsible for the brokerage of the parcel in to your country, and the corresponding payment of any associated brokerage fees, duties, and taxes owed on the importation of the parcel. Failure to pay these fees will result in additional administration fees as well as return shipping costs to send your order back to us. In the event of a parcel return, any applicable additional fees and costs as a result of the return shipment will be deducted from the cost of your products to be refunded. In the event where the additional fees and shipping costs to return the parcel back to us exceeds the value of your goods, the balance will automatically be charged to your credit card to reset your balance.