About Vapes by Enushi

About Vapes by Enushi

Founded in 2014 with our store opening in 2015, Vapes by Enushi started with a vision to make things different in the industry. We set our sights on presenting rare and exclusive products to vapers around the world, where previously they were only accessible to select friends of modders.

Our primary goals are to offer premium product and pre-sales/after-sales service to all customers, to deliver the best possible shopping experience with Vapes by Enushi.

What is "Enushi"?

Enushi is neither a word nor is it a name. It has many meanings, yet it has no specific meaning.

To the owners of the company, it means hard work, overcoming adversity through perseverance, challenging oneself, dedication, knowledge, righteousness, sacrifice, and honour, among many other things.

It is a way of life, yet undefinable and without structure.

What does it mean to you?