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DynaVap - The BB3 Pink Vaporizer

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  • DynaVap - The BB3 Pink Vaporizer
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 Product Description

The BB3: Pink Vaporizer by DynaVap

Together in a full unit, this stem-length glass BB3 midsection comes with 3 blue beads inside for diffusion and features divots along the sides. It contains an air port and is compatible with 10mm female fittings. 

The BB3: Pink comes with a 2020 Stainless Steel Tip and standard Cap

The BB3 is a great addition to your VapCap collection and will fit in a standard DynaStash or SlimStash.

*No condenser necessary.

Warranty: The BB3 warranty extends only to damage during shipping. If your BB3 arrives broken or damaged, you must reach out to us within 48 hours of receiving the items to receive a replacement. After 48 hours of receipt, no replacements will be offered.

The 2020 Stainless Steel Tip is constructed from medical grade stainless steel, but now features the Captive Cap functional geometry, faceted tip with airflow serrations, and adjust-a-bowl technology to reduce the extraction chamber by 50% for easy micro-dosing.

*This VapCap is shipped in DynaVap's reusable plastic carrying container.

What is the DynaVap VapCap?

The DynaVap VapCap is a unique category of modular dry herb vaporizers that are completely free of electronics and without digital control. Rather, it relies on a flame source (butane jet lighter recommended) to heat the cap till it reaches vaporization temperature, then you are ready to vape! The heated cap then becomes your heat source for your material in the device!

How do you know when the cap has reached vaping temperature?

Quite simply, the VapCap by DynaVap has a uniquely engineered cap design that is dialed in to create and audible double-*CLICK* sound once it has reached vaping temperature! It's as simple as lighting the cap while you are rotating till you hear that signature *click*CLICK*, then release the flame source and you may then begin your inhalation!

Once the cap cools down below vaporizing temperature, it will repeat that signature audible double-*CLICK*, and you can then heat it again from your flame source or empty it to refill the bowl.

NOTE: Do NOT reheat the cap if you have not yet heard the cool-down clicks yet. Overheating the cap can damage it.


The 2020 Tip now features an adjust-a-bowl design that has two settings - 0.1 grams and 0.05 grams. The stainless steel bowl is surprisingly effective, even with so little. It's also quick to reload, so you can vape back-to-back bowls for bigger sessions.


The VapCap is heated with a lighter putting you in full control. The ‘cap’ has an audible click to let you know you're at temperature and ready to vape. It's so simple, but effective, and takes the guess work out of lighter-based vaporizers. Change what section of the cap you heat to give you different vaping temperatures, from 300° F to 450° F, so you’re in full control.

Check out the DynaVap Quick Start guide to learn more about getting started with your VapCap.


The VapCap heats up in five to ten seconds from a cold start, and even faster during a session.


With the VapCap’s manual heating, you’re in complete control of the vapor. Dial in a fast and light inhale, or a thick and heavy cloud, depending on where you heat the cap. With the small bowl size, every hit is full of flavor.


You can come back to the same bowl later, since the VapCap does not heat your herb between inhales. The simple manual heating makes this one of the most efficient vapes we’ve come across.


DynaVap vaporizers work with any heat source, but work best with a small torch lighter. No more worries about battery life, and "recharging" is as simple as refilling your lighter with butane.


The VapCap BB3 is 92mm long, which puts it high in the running for smallest vape ever. It comes with a plastic carrying container tube, so you can throw it back in your pocket even while it’s still hot, and the only other things you’ll need are a lighter and some herbs.

Product Characteristics

  • Cap: Standard Cap
  • Condenser: None
  • Total Length: 92mm
  • Diameter: 1cm
  • Weight: 19 grams
  • Operational Temperature Range: 300° F - 450° F (150° C - 230° C) Manually
  • Midsection: Glass
  • Mouthpiece: Glass (integrated with Midsection)


Use and Care website 01

To use your VapCap:

Most Important!

  1. Before your first use, please read all of these instructions and then do at least two, preferably more than two, dry runs with nothing in the VapCap! This is very important to become familiar with the operation of the unit and prevent unintentional combustion residues.
  2. The VapCap is unlike any other vaporizer, so give it a few tries empty to get the feel of its unique temperature-indicating click. Heat the VapCap in a quiet area, listen and feel so you know what you are looking for. If you are using a torch lighter, this should not take more than 5 or 6 seconds. Heat the middle of the cap not the end and rotate while heating. If more than 6 seconds go by and you don’t hear the click, stop heating and let it cool down.
  3. If you severely overheat your VapCap it can be permanently damaged. It is very important you hear the cool down click, or allow it to cool to the touch, before heating for the next cycle. Repeat this procedure several times to get the feel of how this little unit operates.
  4. When you are ready for the first use, let it cool down, then remove the cap from the VapCap.
  5. Fill the VapCap chamber with your material of choice. This can be done easily by pushing the VapCap into a container of your material and twisting. Pre-grinding your material is NOT needed like when using a bat or hitter. If you prefer to grind, go coarse. Finely ground material will get through the diffuser disc and into the unit.
  6. Place the cap back on the VapCap.
  7. Heat up the metal cap of your VapCap while rotating it, with the flame or heat source applied to the last third of the metal cap. Try to only apply heat to the side of the cap and NOT the end. This is not like lighting a smoking device.
  8. Continue rotating and heating the cap until you hear and or feel a click - this means the VapCap is ready!
  9. Puff on the mouthpiece. Experiment a little here. If you draw with the air hole completely plugged the flow will seem somewhat restricted. This is normal. Some find they get the best result by taking a long, slow steady draw with the hole completely open, and others will intermittently or lightly cover the air/vapor mix port. The way air flows through the VapCap cools the vapor to provide a smooth experience.
  10. Keep drawing as desired until you hear the click again, this means the VapCap has cooled down.
  11. When the vapor production diminishes, it is easy to reactivate.
    • a. Make sure the VapCap has re-clicked “to cool” before reheating for the next cycle.
    • b. If you are not sure if it has re-clicked, gently blow on the end to cool it. It may take up to 1 minute to reset.
  12. When there is no longer any desirable vapor produced, and the cap has clicked “to cool”, remove the cap. The consumed material can be either blown out the end, or the little tang on the cap is also a wonderful “digger outer.”
  13. Reload for another round of simple and wonderful vapor.


  • It is recommended that you use a butane torch style lighter with your VapCap.
  • Wait until you hear or feel the reset click or at least 30 seconds after the VapCap stops producing vapor to reheat.
  • It is VERY important to wait until you hear the cool down click before applying more heat.
  • Stop heating your VapCap as soon as you hear the click until you get to know each other better.
  • You can vary the intensity of the flavor by using the air/vapor adjustment port.
  • Depending on your personal preference and heat source, as well as how many cycles since the VapCap was loaded, you may want to apply heat for 1-2 seconds after the click. This will provide for a different level of roasted flavor.
  • The end of the VapCap gets very hot during and following use. Do not touch the hot end until it has cooled. Also please do not put the hot end into your mouth.
  • The VapCap can be safely put back in its Special Case or reloaded after the cool down click is heard.

DynaVap has done their best to remove the hassle from using a vaporizer. The VapCap doesn’t have any fancy digital display or lights, but it does make great vapor.

Cleaning instructions:

To remove consumed material from the chamber, either blow on the mouthpiece or use the built in extractor or “digger outer” to empty the chamber. The body can be cleaned with hot water. You can also use the included carrying case with almost any cleaning solution filled half full then shake or soak to wash your VapCap with the cap removed.

WARNING: Cleaning with alcohol or other flammable liquids is not recommended. Alcohol will not damage any component of the VapCap, even with prolonged soaking, but it is not recommend to use it in case any leftover alcohol combusts during use.

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