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Atmizoo - "VapeSnail" Rebuildable Tank for Boro Mods (Billet Box)

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  • Atmizoo - "VapeSnail, Gold and Midnight Black" Rebuildable Tank for Boro Mods (Billet Box) with optional purchase coloured tank kits.
  • Atmizoo - "VapeSnail, SS" Rebuildable Tank for Boro Mods (Billet Box)
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  • Atmizoo - "VapeSnail, Gold" Rebuildable Tank for Boro Mods (Billet Box)
  • Atmizoo - "VapeSnail, Midnight Black" Rebuildable Tank for Boro Mods (Billet Box)
  • Atmizoo - "VapeSnail, SS" Rebuildable Tank for Boro Mods (Billet Box)
  • Atmizoo - "VapeSnail, SS" Rebuildable Tank for Boro Mods (Billet Box)
  • Atmizoo - "VapeSnail, SS" Rebuildable Tank for Boro Mods (Billet Box)
  • Atmizoo - "VapeSnail, SS" Package
  • Atmizoo - "VapeSnail, SS" Rebuildable Tank for Boro Mods (Billet Box)
  • Chamber and Chimney (C&C) Reducer for Atmizoo VapeSnail
  • Atmizoo - "VapeSnail, SS" Rebuildable Tank for Boro Mods (Billet Box)
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 Product Description

VapeSnail by Atmizoo of Atmizone

The VapeSnail is Atmizone's newest rebuildable atomizer concept for Billet Box and other Boro-compatible AIO devices such as the delro.

Now available with 18k GOLD and Midnight chromatic BLACK finishes!

With the optional addition of VapeSnail Coloured Tank Kits, you can custom your Boro AIO device in the best possible way.

The VapeSnail is available in the following versions:

  • Stainless Steel (SS):
    • Lightly brushed SS316 metal parts, with a silver Stainless Steel appearance of all outer surfaces.
  • Gold (G):
    • SS316 or SS316 core electroplated metal parts, coloured gold using 18K true gold. Gold yellow with tints of red. Plated are the chimney, the negative post (deck), and the positive post, while the rest of its parts have natural CNC SS silver looks.
  • Midnight Black (MB):
    • SS316 or SS316 core electroplated metal parts, coloured in a chromatic black mixture of dark blue, black, purple, and other dark colour shades. Plated are the outer surfaces of the chimney and the negative post (deck) while the rest of the parts have natural silver CNC SS look.

Please note:

Due to the nature of electroplating, it is expected to find small marks and iridescent effect on some parts of the inner surfaces. Steps of the procedure ensure that outer surfaces of the hardware have a uniform look and finish, but inner surfaces can not be processed equally effectively. As such, be aware that the interior of the components may have visual imperfections, but will not be visible at all when the device is fully assembled.

Electroplating is not a coating; rather, it is a very thin extra metal layer. As such, hair-like scratches and small bumps (typical of metal surfaces) should be expected on all plated surfaces, visible very close up, or with the use of magnifying lens.

To read more about the electroplating procedure, read about how it was applied to the Atmizoo DotShell>>HERE<<.

More about maintenance and cleaning in the Precautions section of the manual, as well as in the Atmizoo support section.


Merging technologies introduced in former Atmizoo's releases and bringing forth new technology, the VapeSnail is the next evolutionary leap forward in the Boro tank experience! Primary features include:

  • Real-time access to the deck without need to empty liquid.
  • Easy-to-build deck.
  • Real-time fixed air flow swap ability without need to empty liquid.
  • Airflow fine tuning before the coil, or after.
  • Easy refill system.
  • Integrated condensation control system to prevent liquid seepage outside of the air channel in your device.

The Atmizoo VapeSnail arrives to you as a FULL and COMPLETE package with all options you would ever need to arrange this for a tight MTL vaping experience, to a looser restricted direct lung vaping experience, and all the way wide open to a 4.0mm bore DL vaping experience with plenty of adjustability in-between! There is no need to purchase additional pins, AF tubes, or chimney components - everything is included in this package!

The VapeSnail is more than just another rebuildable bridge, it is a unique RTA experience for users of the Billet Box and other Boro compatible AIO's!

Note: Air flow intake is at the SIDE as per original Billet Box design, and the integrated condensation plug will block airflow from going out the face of the tank. Be aware that due to this airflow design, you may not get proper airflow with front-air intake devices such as the Delro without modification.

The VapeSnail takes many steps forward, as it is much more than just another rebuildable bridge.

Being a complete RTA with a custom dedicated tank of its own, it features real-time access to deck and real-time ability to change the air flow tubes without having to empty liquid from your tank first. Combined with a custom condensation plug that has optimal sealing ability and its own absorbent material, the VapeSnail delivers many practical features to complete your vaping experience on devices that can accept tanks like this.

Tank Material

The plastic tank used for the VapeSnail is made of a medical-grade plastic called PCTG (Poly Cyclohexylenedimethylene Terephthalate Glycol-modified). It is the same plastic that is used for FDA approved baby bottles and medical applications, leech-safe, BPA-free, and 100% resistant against chemical attack from known tank-cracking e-liquids. The tank hosts a large front refill port, with a secured silicon cover that is easy to remove and replace.

Build Deck

Access to the VapeSnail's deck is quick, easy, and does not require the user to empty contents first! Once the VapeSnail is removed from your AIO device nest, flip the VapeSnail upside down and just pull the deck off the tank! Simple as that!

The VapeSnail's build deck features a generous space, allowing rebuilders many different single coil builds, from simple round wire to large multi-strand complex and exotic coils.

Air Flow

Air flow of the VapeSnail is fine-tuned on both sides of the coil, both at the air inflow exhaust (to strike the coil), and again from the vapour exhaust to the user's mouth (after the coil). This approach allows users to fully customize their air flow for the perfect personalized experience. The levels of adjustability are outlined as follows:

  • From below the coil, the first stage of airflow intake is adjusted via the Positive Tube. A set of five fixed air flow control positive tubes are included, with the following inner diameter bores:
    • 2.0mm
    • 2.5mm
    • 3.0mm
    • 3.5mm
    • 4.0mm
  • The Positive Tube's air outlet can be further refined for a true MTL experience by using the 4.0mm inner diameter bore Positive Tube. With this largest of the Positive Tubes, the shaft acts as a nest for one of four included MTL pins with the following bore diameters:
    • 1.0mm
    • 1.2mm
    • 1.5mm
    • 1.8mm
  • The second stage of airflow exhaust after the coil allows users to fine tune the vaper delivery to the drip tip. An included Chamber and Chimney (C & C) Reducer allows users to form a smaller restricted evaporation chamber for greater flavour compression within the coil/deck space with a narrower chimney of 2.5mm diameter bore to focus flavour delivery to the user. When the C & C reducer is removed, the chimney reaches a full bore diameter of 4.0mm, ready for open DL setups for the highest wattage settings.

The AFC Positive Tubes (and consequently MTL Pins as well) can be easily swapped at any time, even with a full tank of liquid and build on the deck! Fully user accessible from the bottom, the ability to change these components out at any time allows users to fine tune the experience and experiment with different setups easily.

Further, the AFC Positive Tubes are height adjustable as needed, to ensure a more positive contact with certain devices that may have a lower connection contact. Unscrewing the Positive Tubes will lower them and create a lower contact point without disturbing the build on deck.

Condensation Control

The VapeSnail features an integrated condensation-proofing design, with the utilization of a custom Condensation Plug. This Condensation plug is a custom silicon sealing gasket which helps to minimize condensation within the Boro nest space by directing airflow and vapour only along the necessary channel of air travel in and out of the dedicated air intake ports of the device. Food-grade silicon material ensures a better seal to your device to trap more of the condensation within the air channel, and excess condensation build-up gets absorbed by an included Absorbent Pad, a small and round synthetic wick that is easily replaceable.

The VapeSnail

With its amazing potential, real-time access to deck, real-time fixed air flow swap ability, easy refill system, easy rebuilding, and complete overall package, the VapeSnail is much more than just another rebuildable, introducing a unique RTA experience to all users of the Billet Box and Boro compatible AIOs.


  • Air flow tuning via 5 included fixed AFC Tubes:
    • 2.0mm
    • 2.5mm
    • 3.0mm
    • 3.5mm
    • 4.0mm (pre-installed)
  • MTL air flow tuning further refined via 4 included MTL pins that insert into the above 4.0mm AFC Tube in the following sizes:
    • 1.0mm
    • 1.2mm
    • 1.5mm
    • 1.8mm
  • AFC Tubes and MTL pins all replaceable real-time, even with tank full of liquid and build installed in the deck.
  • Full build deck access, even with full tank of liquid.
  • M2.5mm pan head Phillips post screws
  • 12.6mm post-to-post space
  • ~8.5mm post-to-post net space
  • ~8.0mm coil space
  • Maximum Net Coiling Height (C&C Reducer Removed): ~6.0mm
  • Maximum Net Coiling Height (C&C Reducer Installed): ~5.2mm
  • Chimney Inner Diameter (C&C Reducer Removed): ~4.0mm
  • Chimney Inner Diameter (C&C Reducer Installed): ~2.5mm
  • Height: 39.60mm (minimum, AFC Positive Tube screw in completely)
  • Weight: ~34 grams

Getting Started

Before using the VapeSnail for the first time, it is strongly recommended that you read the included fully detailed instruction manual. If further questions arise, please take a look at Atmizoo's Support Section, with tons of useful information about the VapeSnail, including detailed introduction, assembly/disassembly guides, useful tips, etc.

Package Contents

  • 1x VapeSnail RTA with 510 auxiliary adapter base for coil building and dry firing on standard mods
  • 1x Chamber & Chimney (C&C) Reducer (pre-installed)
  • 1x Spare Parts Set (2x post screws, 1x o-ring kit, 4x AFC fixed tubes, 4x MTL pins, 1x tool)
  • User guide
  • Warranty card

Warranty and Support

The Atmizoo VapeSnail comes with a fair and generous warranty, just like all of Atmizoo's products, which covers all manufacturing defects.

Instruction Manual Download


WARNING: It is highly recommend that you fully clean out this product before the first time you use it. While the factory does a decent job at removing dust, shavings, machining lubricants and greases, there is still the potential for trace elements to remain, and it is best recommended that you do an additional cleaning to meet your standard of cleanliness.

DISCLAIMER: Rebuildable atomizers are for experienced vapers with access to meters and a working knowledge of Ohms Law, Watts Law, battery safety, and how general electricity works. Please ensure care is taken as to not cause damage nor harm to the atomizer, your battery, the vaping device, yourself, others, or personal property.

Vapes by Enushi is not responsible for misuse of product, or dangerously low coil builds. Vapes by Enushi is not liable for the use of improper batteries for your builds.

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The VapeSnail by Atmizoo
  • The VapeSnail by Atmizoo
    FYI, If you have a DELRO mod, you will need to modify your sto...

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 Product Reviews

  1. Love mine

    Posted by AD on 2020 Nov 27th

    Reliable, easy to use and leak resistant. This is my daily go to for travel and stealth.

  2. Best Billet Box atty in my stable

    Posted by Unknown on 2020 Oct 8th

    This is my go-to. The flavor is fantastic for MTL, and it’s the only BB atty that doesn’t leak when I travel. Well designed. The only improvements I’d shoot for is a filling flap that isn’t a pain to put back if accidentally removed, and the chamber fits together without a great seal; a ledge or something that keeps he two halves it sealed would keep air from getting in.

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