Taifun Scarab (Skarabäus) Pro 23mm (2023) 18650 MOSFET Tube Mod

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Taifun Scarab (Skarabäus) Pro 23mm (2023)

High-end battery carrier for demanding users, powered by Taifun's patented Magneto Switch, now improved for 2023!

The new Taifun Skarabäus Pro has been visually redesigned and adopted to both the new and old generation of Taifun atomizers. The 23mm Pro version has the ribbing and knurling to match the Taifun GTRTaifun GXTaifun GT ONE, and many other Taifun 23mm atomizers.

Please note: The CLASSIC variant is NOT compliant for sale in Canada due to the Scarab Beetle engraving. Any attempts to order the Classic version will result in removal and refund of the item from your order.

In addition, the electronics have now been redesigned and installed horizontally rather than the vertical orientation of previous Scarab versions, which gives the user the option of refining and customizing their own Skarabäus in a variety of ways. It is also now a little bit shorter than its popular predecessors. Otherwise, everything remains the same.

Please note: cones and sleeves of predecessor models will NOT fit this new Skarabäus.

This battery carrier is characterized by its relatively simple operation, which eliminates the usual disadvantages of a mechanical switch-on button, as is usually found in an unregulated mechanical battery carrier. The relatively high switch-on resistance and increased wear of the button with higher currents is eliminated with MOSFET controlled device such as this one. Thanks to a patented in-house development of Taifun's magnetic-optical button, "Magneto" for short, Taifun has succeeded in designing a switch that is not subject to wear, and cannot be damaged by moisture.

12-year manufacturer's warranty on the electronics.

Legends of Vape Special Editions

With the special editions of the Taifun Skarabäus Pro, tribute is paid to a special group of people among the German manufacturers. To start, Michael Kopp is celebrated as the creator of the legendary MK1 battery carrier, and Artur Schwarze as the mastermind behind the Flash-e-Vapor.

The MK variants are available in both a plain and a distinctive design, equivalent to the MK1 battery carriers from Kopp Design at the time.

For the Artur versions, the Skarabäus was specially adopted to the Flash-e-Vapor, not only with a matched aesthetic style, but the cone is also reduced to 22mm at the transition. Additionally, the battery cover has knurling that matches the Flash-e-Vapor.

Brief overview of the Taifun Skarabäus Pro device features:

  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Wear-free magneto-optical button, featuring patented light-barrier technology
  • Switches off after 15 seconds of continuous operation to prevent accidental over-firing. Operation time can be extended if desired, by briefly interrupting the operation (less than 1 second time gap required)
  • If power is cut due to firing timer cut-off, the system shuts down for safety, and to prevent reactivation. To reactivate, loosen the battery cap and re-tightened to interrupt the power supply for the reset.
  • Electronic key lock for temporary deactivation of the button. If you leave the device unattended or putting away for storage for long periods of time, please remove the battery!
  • High performance MOSFET (power stage) with 0.001Ω switching resistance in operation.
  • Temperature sensor for the MOSFET to protect the device during continuous operation at extreme currents. In an overheating event, power will be cut to the chipset to protect against damage from overheating.
  • When the battery resting voltage remains at 2.6 Volts, the microprocessor will deactivate the device to protect the battery against low voltage / over-drain damage.
  • Short circuit protection if the load is detected at less than 0.1Ω
  • Additional electronic control of the switching function of the MOSFET for voltage drops when switched on, as well as for incorrect voltage when switched off on the atomizer.
  • Mechanical reverse polarity protection through a new battery cap design, which prevents imme3diate and permanent vaping in the event of a reversed polarity.
  • Outer diameter: 23mm
  • Inner diameter: 19mm
  • Material: Stainless steel (1.4301)
  • Total Length (18650): 87.5mm
  • Total Length (18500): 72.5mm
  • Total Length (18350): 57.5mm
  • Powered by: 1x >> 18650 battery <<, >> 18500 battery <<, or >> 18350 battery << (depending on the variant)
  • LED above the button visually signals device status
  • Removable/adjustable 510 cone allows users to close the gap to their atomizer, or possibly change the cone style later.
  • 510 Center Pin: Rigid - NOT SPRING LOADED
  • Electronic key lock can be engaged by pressing the button five times quickly. This is briefly indicated by a red LED indicator. Pressing the button five times quickly again, the key lock is removed, and this is again indicated by the red LED lighting up briefly.

Key Lock:

  • Electronic switch lock can be engaged by pressing the button five times quickly. Successful lock is briefly indicated by a red-lit LED.
  • Electronic switch lock can be disengaged by pressing the button five times quickly again. Successful unlock is briefly indicated by a red-lit LED.
  • Switch will fire when unlocked, which is indicated by a solid green-lit LED for the entire length of time the switch is pressed.

Contents of Package:

  • 1x Taifun Skarabäus Pro 23mm (2023) mod
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x 18350 battery (18350 variants only)



12 months from date of purchase. Warranty does not cover damage caused by liquid on the circuit board inside the battery carrier, or any defects caused by extreme excessive current peaks from extremely low builds nor damage caused by pushing batteries beyond their operating current limits.


  • The Taifun Skarabäus Pro is designed exclusively for use with flat-top batteries. Never use batteries with a raised positive pole, or the mechanical reverse-polarity protection may be defeated.
  • The battery's protective wrap may be too thick or may protrude beyond the contact surface of the battery base, causing an improper connection. This typically only affects counterfeit, refurbished battery cells, or batteries intended for flashlight use only. These types of batteries are typically unsuitable for vaping, as they lack high-current capacity typically required by vapers. In such instances, many of these batteries will have a thicker wrap to prevent contact for safety reasons.
  • The 18350 versions of the Skarabäus Pro always comes with a suitable battery. Unfortunately, there are many different 18350 batteries on the market with many different thicknesses of battery wraps, even for high quality cells. The included cell always ensures secure contact. Taifun expressly recommends using this cell exclusively.
  • When not in use for long periods of time (for example, at night when sleeping), it is best recommended to remove the battery. Liquid penetration to the circuit board may cause short circuiting and auto firing when unattended, so it is best recommended to only have a battery connected during time of usage.
  • Do not operate this device in an environment that is near or around flammable or explosive gases, vapor, or dust due to danger of explosion.
  • The battery can be heavily loaded during operation. Using an unsuitable battery can cause hot gas venting, fire, or even explosion of the battery if the user does not take care to use a battery appropriate for the use of the atomizer's resistance build. Understand Ohm's Law and Watt's Law along with the limits of the battery you are using! If the resistance of your atomizer exceeds the current load of your battery, then change batteries or build to a higher resistance! Pay particular attention to shape deformation, smell, or smoke emission from your battery! In case of a faulty battery, there is a danger of fire or explosion!
  • Keep the Skarabäus Pro dry inside and outside at all times.
  • Keep the Skarabäus Pro away from high heat sources.
  • Do not apply electrical voltage to the outside of the Scarab Pro.
  • The Skarabäus Pro is only intended to provide the battery voltage to an atomizer unit with a minimal voltage drop for the purpose of a "vaping" as an "e-cigarette". Any use beyond this is not intended, nor permissible, nor covered by warranty.
  • The Skarabäus Pro is neither a medical device, nor is it suitable for such purposes.
  • The operator is responsible for all personal injury and property damage caused by improper use, not the manufacturer!
  • Due to many possibilities and scenarios (various types of batteries and coils), all operating and connection errors are beyond the control of Taifun or Vapes by Enushi Corp. We can assume no liability for damages due to these extraneous circumstances.
  • Due to the extremely low internal resistance of t he circuit board of typical 0.003Ω in conjunction with a high capacity battery that delivers 20 Amps (or more), a short circuit on or in the atomizer or liquid entry into the device MIGHT have dramatic effects such as fire.

DISCLAIMER: Unregulated mods are for experienced vapers with access to meters and a working knowledge of Ohms Law, Watts Law, battery safety, and how general electricity works. Please ensure care is taken as to not cause damage nor harm to the atomizer, your battery, the vaping device, yourself, others, or personal property.

Taifun and Vapes by Enushi is not responsible for misuse of product, or dangerously low coil builds. Taifun and Vapes by Enushi is not liable for the use of improper batteries for your builds.