Shipping Information

Shipping Information

Shipping Costs

We do not offer fixed shipping prices. Shipping costs are dependent on your order value, package dimensions, package weight, the shipping carrier you choose, the shipping service level you choose, and the destination the package is intended to arrive to. Be aware, that if you are importing into a country outside of Canada, shipping prices as quoted and charged on our website do NOT include your local taxes, duties, and possibly brokerage fees as well (any UPS service level includes the basic brokerage processing fee, EXCEPT UPS Standard, which charges a brokerage fee based on the value of your parcel).

To get a shipping quote, add all desired items to your shopping cart, then click on the shopping cart icon at the top right of the website (beside the "head/profile" icon to view your shopping cart.

Next, in the Sub-Total/Grand Total area of your cart list, you will see "Shipping: Add Info" Click the "Add Info", and enter your destination address information as requested by the website.

Click "ESTIMATE SHIPPING", then the website will generate and display all the available shipping options for your parcel to your destination, along with their associated prices.

Alternatively, once you have added all your desired items to your shopping cart, go through the checkout process, and the shipping options and their associated prices will be generated and displayed to you at the appropriate time in the checkout process.

Freight Times

Freight time to your destination from Vapes by Enushi is dependent on the shipping service that you choose. All freight times are indicated as per the respective carrier's websites:

<< CanadaPost >>

<< UPS >>

In general, the following shipping times apply for CanadaPost services, as the information available can be vague on their website, and can vary from region to region:

Small Packet Air - A service that travels via the letter mail stream that offers NO tracking and NO insurance. Standard delivery time is 12 business days (approximately 18 calendar days) to most international locations, and upwards of 16 weeks. Advised only for packages of low value that do not require a specific delivery speed. Do note, that there is nothing Vapes by Enushi can do for you, should a package get lost, damaged, stolen, or delayed in transit using this method.

Tracked Packet - This service uses the same speed as Small Packet Air as it follows the same letter mail stream, but also includes basic tracking and insurance for a maximum of CAD$100 coverage. Any value above CAD$100 cannot be claimed should your parcel get lost or damaged in transit.

Expedited Parcel - This service is slightly faster than Tracked Packet. This method offers the most bang for your buck value for speed at a decent price point. Included insurance value is CAD$100. Contact us if you wish to increase insurance value with this service.

XpressPost - This service is the fastest standard mail service that CanadaPost uses, and is part of the "EMS" worldwide network. It is faster than Expedited Parcel, while retaining all of the tracking and insurance features of Expedited Parcel. Included insurance value is CAD$100. Contact us if you wish to increase insurance value with this service.

Shipping Address Different from Billing Address

For security purposes, our payment processor requires us to only ship to the billing address that your credit card company has on file for you. Our payment processor will automatically check this during your checkout process. However, if the billing address does not match what your credit card company has on file for you, OR if the financial institutions in your country do not follow the AVS security protocol, we will be alerted of the non-match, and we will then be required to manually verify your ownership of the credit card used before we can process and ship your order.

Further, if you enter a shipping address that is different from your registered billing address, then we must also go through this process. 

This manual verification process only needs to happen once, and the credit card verified will be registered with your store account for up to 3 years or until the card expires, whichever comes first. You will not need to go through this process again, until you change credit cards, or until 3 years is up, whichever comes first.

General Information

All packages are shipped via CanadaPost, UPS, or DHL at your choice. It is Vapes by Enushi's responsibility to package and ship all items that are purchased, however, we do not have control over the package once it is in possession of the carrier. Vapes by Enushi is not responsible for lost, damaged, partially missing, delayed, or undelivered shipments. However, we will contact the carrier on your behalf to help find a resolution for you. Please be patient if this occurs, as we cannot jump into conclusions without first getting a resolution with the carrier. In many cases, the parcel does end up showing up at the destination after an investigation begins.'s fulfillment of shipping obligation ends once the product is shipped out, and is not responsible for errors or delays caused by the delivery service.

Shipping services are provided at your expense to deliver the products sold by to your address.

Orders made for items listed as in stock typically ships out within 2 business days of order placement, unless otherwise noted.

Orders made for items listed as pre-order will take longer to ship out, and you, as the buyer, enter into the order of such pre-order items with the understanding and agreement that pre-order items will take time to be received, before they are shipped out, and that the pre-order availability dates are only estimated, and subject to delays or earlier shipment.'s fulfillment of shipping obligation ends once the product is shipped out, and is not responsible for your region's importation laws. You, the customer, as the importer of these products, are solely responsible for the importation of the products you order, and you must be aware of your own region's/territory's prohibitions and allowances for importing said products, as well as taxes, duties, and brokerage fees associated with bringing these products into your region. will not be held responsible for your lack of knowledge regarding your country, county, city, province, state, territory, and/or region's importation laws. In the event of seizure, the importer is solely responsible for the recovery of the parcel, if possible.