Tripod Batch II Preorder Update

Posted by Brian on 2019 Aug 12th

Preorder Update for the Tripod Batch II & Accessories

The Tripod Batch II & Accessory shipment was originally slated to arrive today, but due to a slight delay in Canada Customs releasing the package over the weekend, it will not be arriving today. By the time it was cleared and transferred to the DHL depot, it was too late to get on to a truck for today's deliveries. However, it does look like it will be arriving in our hands tomorrow.

We will be attempting our best to begin getting parcels shipped out tomorrow, but there are NO guarantees that your parcel will physically enter the system for tomorrow's date. It will depend on a number of factors, including what time DHL drops the parcel off, and how busy we are in the store. Our CanadaPost daily delivery pickup occurs at 4pm, so our window to prepare shipments is small. We will do our best to cope.

In most cases, you will be receiving shipping notices by tomorrow night, but most likely your parcel will not get picked up by CanadaPost until Wednesday, which will count as "Day Zero" of your shipping timeline.